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Breanne Griffin, M.Ed.

Registered Psychotherapist


Who I am:

I am passionate about helping people move through difficult periods in their lives. I believe that everyone has the capacity for learning, growth and change even through their most challenging times. I offer a calm, stable, non-judgmental presence to allow you to turn inwards, engage in self-reflection, and build on existing coping skills, while also learning new ones. My goal is for you to have the support you need to not only make it through challenging times, but to develop the skills and resources to meet future challenges with greater strength and resiliency.

Clients deserve a therapist who brings their authentic self to the relationship. You can expect me to be open, honest, and sincere as we work together. I will not tell you what you want to hear but will offer my unbiased perspective. I will encourage you to challenge yourself as you work toward your goals. I also invite you to ask questions and challenge me. You are the expert of you!

I value using an individualized approach that integrates evidence-based interventions to meet your unique needs. This means that we will work together to figure out how therapy will work best for you and your goals.


What I can help you with:

I specialize in loss, grief, bereavement and life transitions.

I also help with many other concerns, such as:

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • stress

  • burnout

  • perfectionism

  • dual diagnosis

  • relationships

  • inner critic, and more

Other areas of particular interest:

Before becoming a therapist, I worked in social services for many years. I understand the stress and potential burnout of working with people with developmental disabilities and mental health concerns. Self-care is touted as the answer but staff are often left to figure out what self-care means on their own. I will help you figure out what you need to engage in real, healthy self-care that will help mitigate burnout, allowing you to continue to provide support through challenging circumstances.

I have also worked closely with people with developmental disabilities and their families to help them navigate life transitions. Struggling with mental health concerns adds an extra layer to these transitions and it can be difficult navigating between services offered for developmental disabilities and mental health. That’s where I can help. I understand and am comfortable working with both developmental disabilities and mental health concerns.