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Walk and Talk Therapy

Walk and Talk therapy combines the healing benefits of all therapy, nature, and movement. I believe in providing accessible, adaptive, and flexible therapy options to best meet the needs of each person. Walk and Talk therapy provides us the opportunity to take our therapeutic work outside of the therapy room and into nature for a fresh perspective and greater connectedness with ourselves. We will engage in a gentle-paced walk while engaging in therapy and connecting to the environment around us. 
I offer Local Walk and Talks in the St. Catharines/Thorold area where we can take advantage of maintained trails, waterfronts, and parks. We will work together to choose the route that best meets your needs.
Just like in a typical therapy session, you are in control of your pace, only this time physically as well. While the movement may benefit you physically, the focus is not on exercise.

To Book

All new clients must complete an intake session before starting walk and talk therapy. The session will be completed over video. We will discuss the benefits of walk and talk therapy, address any questions or concerns, and create a plan together. 



Participating in walk and talk therapy takes place in public settings which may involve some limits to confidentiality. There is the possibility that other people may hear parts of our conversation. If you choose to participate in Walk and Talk Therapy, we will discuss any concerns you may have, including how to handle potential risks to confidentiality. You may choose to end the session at any point, but will be charged the full session fee.

Trail Options 

Malcolmson Eco-Park

Walk along a maintained trail featuring trees, the Welland Canal, and Lake Ontario. 

Welland Canal Trail - Lock One

Meet at Lock One and walk along the Welland Canal on a paved pathway with benches along the way. 

Custom Walk

We can work together to customize a walk that meets your needs. Options include trails/parks in St. Catharines/Thorold, and in urban areas, incorporating local parks.